Friday, September 26, 2008

"Grown Up" Dinner Party

Last night the Shipleys' and I hosted a intimate dinner party. We invited our new neighbors and some friends we want to get to know better. It was fabulous.
We dinned outside by candle light while the kiddies watched "Mr. Incredibles" in our living room.

I hung candles in Baby food jars from ribbon in our tree in the backyard.

Roxanne and I made invitations from her beautiful paper collection, and included recipes from Cafe Rio for everyone to bring.

More flower hunting... roses from Stork Ranch and bouganvilla from Santa Ynez apartments.

Dinner consisted of Sweet Pork Barbacoa, Cilantro Rice and Beans with Chips and Salsa and a creamy cilantro ranch. For dessert we had Tres Leche cake with fresh strawberries.


The Studes said...

You are fantastic! Look and that party =)

Katie said...

The tres leche...MUY bueno!!

onecent said...

HOW FUN RILEIGH!!!! I want to be your neighbor! ;)

Kiki said...

Rileigh...we missed such a fabulous event. You are so fun! I wish I could have been there, and I think Joe forgot...but we miss you all and hope to see you next week. I feel fortunate to be your neighbor!

Jenn said...

Wow, ladies! And tres leche cake? Do share the recipe!