Monday, October 27, 2008

Proposition 8

I know I got some heat about the little add I placed a few weeks ago so I thought I would allow Diana Hulme to elaborate for me. She just put it so eloquently on her blog...
"Proposition 8 seeks to make marriage only between a man and a woman in California. A few years ago, 61% of Californians voted to pass Proposition 22, which made marriage legal only between a man & a woman. Then 4 judges overturned the will of the people & made it legal. Totally against the law. So it's up on the ballot again.
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A lot of people have been wondering why it's such a big deal; why it concerns them. If Prop 8 does not pass, here are some of the things that will happen:
1. Public school teachers will have to teach that same-sex marriage is normal & acceptable. Parents will not have the option to opt-out their children from this discussion.
2. Religious adoption agencies who do not allow
same-sex parents to adopt will be closed down.
3. There will be conflict between religion & free speech - churches who do not accept this behavior will be in danger of lawsuits for discrimination. Possibly even being required to allow same-sex marriages & providing same-sex married housing in private universities.
4. Marriage will become completely redefined & acceptance of same-sex marriage will be demanded. Over time, it will affect society as a whole negatively.
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It's obvious that Satan is hard at work to destroy the family & tear apart what is most sacred to us - the divine institution of marriage & all the blessings it brings.
We can still have tolerance & love for others without lowering our standards of what is right & acceptable in the Lord's eyes. This Proposition will not hurt anyone or deny them rights - it simply protects marriage as between a man & a woman. "
. . . . . . . . .Ben especally has been working very hard to do everything we can to help get this passed. I am really excited to accept the call of our prophet and to serve him and the lord. There aren't many times in our life when the church asks us to get up and really do something hard in our lives and I know that without question if this wasn't a big deal the first presidency wouldn't be asking us to do so much. On November 4th I will be voting Yes on Proposition 8 and I encourage you all to as well.
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For more information, please go to:
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Please vote Yes on November 4 for Proposition 8 to preserve & protect families!"


Grandma Hansen said...

Thank you for speaking out on this crucial issue for the family. I completely support and appreciate Ben and Rileigh for their willingness to share this important message. I have lived long enough to appreciate the standards of the leaders of the LDS Church, and love them for their wise counsel about the family the way the Lord would have it be. Thanks again!

onecent said...

excellent ideas. I wish my vote could count from Utah :( All I can do is encourage those in California that I know, to vote YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!