Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Road to Domestic Goddessness

...Is paved with homemade bread
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My dear friend Kaity is a bread making genius. She agreed to tutor me on my first endeavor.
Jocelyn loved it!

Especially the dough. She could not stop trying to eat it

Unfortunately I forgot about it during it's second rise and it got a little wonky

Sadly the big loaf didn't make it. :(

But the little ones were delicious


Amanda said...

I like the homage to Pioneer Woman. Nice work.

The Studes said...

you even make bread sound fascinating. Sorry we missed eachother while I was in town.. maybe next time =)

Joslin said...

i feel like i have been reaping the benefits of your hard work on the road to domestic goddessness! Yum! Thanks for all the delicious treats all the time!