Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I am thinking

Alright ladies, I need your help. I am currently in the market for the following:

A double stroller: (has to be side by side and include a snack tray and be light weight. Jocelyn would not handle front to back) I like the Combi Twin.

An infant Car seat: (preferably that will attach to the stroller)

A baby wrap (I have a Bjorn which I love, but I am looking for something that will offer more protection to a new born) I am partial to the Maya Wrap.A diaper bag, I mean a purse with pockets and places for everything, that doesn't look like there are diapers in it. This is a Melie Bianco Double Zip tote. What do ya got? what works? what doesn't? and how much did it cost?


Amanda said...

A few thoughts. If you're set on a side-by-side, that's fine. I have a sit-and-stand and I love it. Lillian didn't really appreciate sitting in the back, but now that Nora is big enough to sit up supported, she sits in the back and it works out and I love it. I bought it off craig's list for about $100. Number two, I have a wrap much like the one you pictured. I liked it very much when Nora was a newborn, she pretty much lived in it for two months. But, Nora is a chunky monkey and at 4 months is the size of a 9 month old, and it is not very practical anymore, and she hates it. If I had to do it over again, I would buy an Ergo Carrier. My SIL has one and I borrowed it while we were visiting and now I covet it heavily.

Good luck.

Heather said...

Rileigh! I wish you could come out here for his blessing so that you could meet him! We miss you guys! You look fantastic by the way, your easter looks like it was so fun!

Katie said...

Have the combi. Love the combi. Can't live without the combi. Best part is that it folds up oh so small, and that you can cram any old carseat into it, and it fits well.

Love your new header pic, by the way!

Curtis, Sarah, Robyn and Sydney said...

My stroller situations suck so no advise there, sit and stand, my problem would be Robyn wouldn't want to sit or stand, more like run. But I also have a sling like the one in the picture and I loved it until Sydney got stronger, so I guess if you have this one and then use your bjorn after awhile it might do. I also use a big purse. I love it, It makes me feel more like an actual person. I go cheap with these though because they can get pretty messy, just a thought.