Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I believe it is time to potty train and I am terrified. Please, Oh Wise Mothers of Blogdom, what advice to you have so that I no longer walk into Jocelyn's room to find this.
naked bug


Jeri said...

This is the funniest picture I have ever seen! I love it! Look at her face!

Potty training isn't about the training the kid. It is about potty training the Mom! Really...it is a whole new way of life. I wish you lots of luck! We'll have to talk.

Katie said...

Why would you not want to walk in her room and find that? It's the cutest picture EVER!

I swear by this DVD. After both my girls watched it they were obsessed with going in the potty -


Amanda said...

Don't ask me, we're potty training failures. But, I definitely would recommend a multi-media approach: we watched a movie called Potty Power I got on netflix. Lillian loved it and wanted to use the potty all the time. Also, get books from the library about going in the potty.

I wish you lots of luck and hope that your baby isn't as difficult as mine was.

As far as how to start, just start taking her in and sitting her on the potty every hour, or so. She'll go on accident once, and make a huge deal of it, probably with some sort of sugary reward. She'll catch on eventually. Then, she'll be mommy-trained: she'll go whenever you take her, but she won't be able to go on her own. You have to remember to take her every hour, or whatever you decide. Eventually, she'll be able to read her own cues and become self-directed. But, this is a long time coming.

And, don't drop her in the toilet. This will set you back months.

onecent said...

well, now that I can see through the tears of LAUGHTER that filled my eyes, I can type something for you!
wow, here I am, mom of 5 trained kiddos, and I cannot think of an ounce of advice!! definitely train her in the summer if you can (which it looks like you are) nothing worse than trying to get her to the potty in a hurry only to have to get through 6 layers of clothing! ;) I always used rewards when they were first starting. every pee pee was 1 M&M, and a poopy was worth a tootsie roll (get it? lol) anyway, they did it for the candy in the beginning, and it eventually faded. try to never scold her with accidents not matter how frustrating. (this is a hard one sometimes) encourage, encourage, encourage, positively. try to stay close to home the first week you plan to start. And Jeri's advice: you are definitely training yourself too! ;)
(hmmm, guess I had more advice than I thought!) hehe

jamie hixon said...

I think my advise is to wait forever. That is what we are going to do with Asher. (Actually, I'll probably start when he is almost 3.)

Kiki said...

Haha! We are in the same boat, as usual! We just netflixed POTTY POWER! and Ella loves it. The library also has great potty training books for Jocelyn AND Mommy. I have this book on order: http://amzn.com/0743273133 and will try to follow this method this weekend: http://tinyurl.com/phrztk which is the same method that I used potty training back in the day when I worked with children with autism. IT was successful when the parents were ready for it and willing. That said it is intense and may not work for ya'll since you have a wee baby. Good luck, keep us posted!

Kiki said...

oh, yeah, we have two of these potties on order...simple, clean and effective...and cheap enough to get several... and will also fit our small girls' bums! Baby Bjorn little potty: http://amzn.com/B0018BF8RK

M-L-E said...

Belle was trained 2 months ago and was awesome! You just have to commit yourself and Jocelyn will figure it out. Step 1 get a potty. Step 2 underpants (preferably the thicker more absorbent, I like the Gerber brand) -- don't bother with pull-ups. Step 3 commit for 2 days ... don't leave the house, put Jocelyn on the potty every 45 minutes - hour and give her plenty to drink (toys and books while sitting on the potty help). She'll get it! You can still put her in a diaper for naps and bed, but before you know it, she will wake up dry anyway. Also, don't get discouraged and reward with something other than candy... Belle learned to pee whenever she wanted candy so we switched to stickers and it worked great! Good luck!

Rose Red said...

What a cutie!