Monday, June 9, 2008

Many adventures

Holy Cow it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Jocelyn and I have gone to Disneyland, two birthday parties for Tristan, a tea party for Skylar, Kiki's graduation; Ben went to New York for an Economics Conference and to the shooting range with the Elder Quorum to shoot clay pigeons, which are words I can't say with out thinking about Eddie Izzard. (Those of you who are laughing at your computers know what I am talking about) Anyway here are some pictures of our many adventures over the past few weeks.

My child is fearless, she headed straight for the water, and when she was it by a wave (it was very small and I was standing right there) she didn't even cry.

Let's just say Ben had an Awesome time shooting Clay Pigeons (He should have waited till they landed)

My handsome man at the top of the Empire States Building

Did I mention she walks now? and not just with her old lady walker...

And helps with the laundry

Carter was captivated by the 3D effects; Jocelyn thought it was nice of Disneyland to provide her with something to chew on.

I have to admit this may be their favorite part of Disneyland

I think she liked the parade though.


Melanie said...

I love the picture where she is crawling towards the ocean! That's a classic one!! By the way, Jayden still talks about "baby Jocelyn"!

Tim Halberg said...

shooting guns is fun!!!

emi-pi said...

AHhh! She's walking, Congratulations! Annabelle is getting there... I suppose if she didn't weigh so much she could stay up ;)