Monday, June 9, 2008

Skylar's Tea Party

OK I felt that the Skylar’s Tea Party was so awesome that it needed its own entry. It was a tea party just because and I have to say when my mother and I go all out look out. Enjoy.
Tristan may have been the only boy there but he did it with style
When we were cleaning up someone asked if we had had a wedding, it was so beautiful
The girls got all dressed up in some of my mothers hats, scarfs and jewelry
We sat on blankets to eat our lemon bars that Skylar made from scratch
They had a blast
Some little details


Diana Hulme said...

Wow - how fun! I can't wait to someday have a little girl & throw a tea party! :) It looks like you did a great job - it was beautiful! Thanks for your comment.

Katie said...




Only you & Kathryn could have pulled this off. Adorable, Amazing.