Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Card Alert!

If you want one, send me an email with your address!

*disclaimer, it is entirely possible that I will run out of time and not send them out at all, BUT I will try my darnedest!

P.S. We would be happy to except Christmas cards this year.

Ben and Rileigh Hansen
775 Juniper Walk D
Goleta, CA 93117


Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

Still open if you need any help with the card!

Cheryl said...

Hey girl, we'd love to hear from you all. We are working on our own cards right now too.

775 South 200 West
Orem, Utah 84058

onecent said...

yeah, well mine will most likely be late, but I will do my best! LOL

676 North 800 East
Orem Utah, 84097

you could save on postage and mail mine and Cheryl's together it looks like! HAHAHA j/k ;)

The Studes said...

ditto with the might not send them out... lol but heres my address just in case =)

621 w goldenrod way
saratoga springs, ut 84045

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

Hi Rileigh! I miss you! Our new address is
2029 E 2700 S #3
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Yea, we moved to Salt lake!

T-Ray said...

Ok... I found your blog through our mutual friends blogs... I have to say one, I forgot how funny you are. Two... your family Halloween costume was the bomb dot come (very original...I have never seen that done before) and three... I love your flower arrangements and am thinking maybe I would pay you to do flowers for my wedding? I mean... that will not be for a while, but come summer... that is probably something I am going to be thinking about. :o) What do you think?

jamie hixon said...

You look stunning in your newly posted family picture.

jamie hixon said...

You look stunning in your newly posted family picture.

Curtis, Sarah, Robyn and Sydney said...

I just want to say what a beautiful family you guys have. I really enjoyed your visit and we hope we can come in June. Miss you guys and we hope you take the job in Denver;) No pressure!