Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in a Giant Nutshell (how did it get in a nutshell this big?) part 1

Wow, I am Exhausted

IT was a great Christmas and New Years that started in Colorado and ended in Vegas. So if you are wondering why you didn't get a Christmas card, its because I didn't send any.... It wasn't personal, I just ran out of time... but mostly out of energy.

So here is a recap of the last few weeks.

1. Beautiful family pictures were taking by the amazing Vivian and will soon be photo shop'd by the super cool Jenn. (Jocelyn however did not enjoy the shoot)

2. Christmas in Colorado with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen. Christmas morning brought many smiles, new pajamas, and unexpected gifts.

A new baby doll

Yes, Ben is holding our new Wii

This outfit was purely Jocelyn's doing. She insisted on the whole thing. It was quite hilarious.

3.Ben went on the job market in San Francisco and met with 16 potential teaching and researching jobs that all sound exciting. The interviews went really well. We are anxiously awaiting fly outs invitations and final offers, more details to come.

To be continued...


Katie said...

Your family picture is seriously BEAUTIFUL.

You are the 'Nie'-est girl I know. (That's a compliment, by the way)

The Studes said...

I love the hat you ar wearing in your family photos!!! one of my friends would just die to have one like that =)

Lizzie and James said...

O good luck with those interviews. I hope you end up in the best place for you guys. that's exciting that you have a new adventure (well adventures including you being prego) on the horizon. :)